Monday, April 21, 2008

'One week (give or take couple more) in Sillypore 2'

Its been a kinda emotional draining couple of weeks for me but I’m still hanging on. Anyway, this whole blog was always meant to be bout happy stuff and things I like (so no sad talk), and I do realise that the people around me, my family want me to get back to doing the things I like, be happy and all. It’s all a mental thing.

Been going trigger-happy with my idiot-proof compact digital camera for the last couple of weeks. Besides that, I have been pretty busy too, finally constructed my DIY lightbox, more on that next time! And I have set my sights on the Sony Alpha 200 digital SLR. Probably get it at the next IT show in June. A new hobby might be a good thing. I have cancelled my World of Warcraft online account but have been playing the card game with the guys more.

Quite busy at work too. More late nites than usual cos been dealing with European clients/offices and they starting work is when regular folks here start going home.

On my way to the conference inside Raffles City that I mentioned in my last post, it’s like 7.15am in the morning. There's no else around and you can almost see the sunlight creeping in above the sunroof.

Found this little vodka collection I bought bout two Xmas ago from Ikea. Completely forgotten bout them. You know wat that means. More photo opportunities with my ladies later!

New Teppanyaki joint at Suntec City fountain area. Not bad. Had the prawn set.

Trying out the Sunset mode on my camera. …er….not working for me.

My new $20 flip phone from Sony (after trading in my old phone). I got the phone strap while in Osaka last year, from a little capsule machine. It’s a metal train ticket to Umeda.

Pepper and black soy sauce shakers. The kind you find on your local neighbourhood coffee shop table when ordering soft-boiled eggs.

When I’m not at my macbook in the living room, I’m next to my PC in the study. Up yonder is the Fossil Dragon next to two Idolmaster trading figures.

Giant colored balls. Whatever.
Fruits for dessert is always a good thing.

The newspaper delivery has been late rather frequent these days. I think its cos of this big condo that opened up down the road, so he’s got more deliveries to make or something. Anyway when I don’t have my morning papers to accompany my breakfast, I’ll turn on the TV to watch the Chinese morning breakfast show.Even though I can only understand like 20% of it, I rather watch it than the English breakfast show cos the latter is always bout serious biz reports, dreary world news etc. The Chinese morning show is more slice-of-life, down-to-earth stuff like visits to neighbourhood markets, schools, hobbies, breakfast meals etc.

Hair finally loooong and ‘messy’ enough to start using the Gatsby Moving Rubber Grudge Mat I got from Japan. This is really cute tiny little jar that you can’t find here in Singapore. First time using the Gatsby mat stuff and the only reason I got it cos of the neat little packaging.


B said...

Great photos! I think the sunset photo looks amazing! What don't you like about it?

I'm excited to read more about the DIY lightbox you got. I still have so much to learn with photography but it is a fun hobby and there is so much you can do. I seem to be really fixated on taking close up food/drink shots. I also really get fixated on taking tilted shots.

So, the Gatsby mat stuff is hair product? Does it produce that great, messy-but-styled look?

Cavalock said...

Thanks b for all your kind words.

Hah, well i didn't really like the sunset shot cos the building (an indian temple) didn't come out as clear as I expected. Or maybe that's how sunset shots are supposed to look like?

Yah, the Gatsby is a hair wax thingy. First time i'm using it, i hv no idea how much to apply to my hair! ^^;

imp said...

eh. that sunset mode is NICE! really. dunno about the clarity. but i like the silhouette feel. the colors are very sunsety brilliant!

Cavalock said...

imp: thanks imp...hmmm, mebe i need to look at more sunset shots.