Sunday, April 27, 2008

'Junction between Sushi Avenue and Tempura Boulevard'

Ahhh....finally had a decent Japanese meal today on Sunday. Dropped by Liang Count for a haircut (yup, no more Gatsby mat) and the Kinokuniya sale (didn't find the mags I wanted). Oh, Audio House doesn't sell the Sony A200 camera that I wanted either. Strange.

Anyway, lunch was at the revamped Tampopo. It's no longer at the basement, it's now on the ground floor next to the information counter. A big plate of sashimi and a serving of inaniwa udon instead of my usual zaru soba.

But the thing that really caught my eye was the new conveyor belt.

It’s kinda like a personalized conveyor belt cos it’ll deliver your order as it travels down the belt, and makes a right turn through the slot and onto your table! It’ll stop at the opening and some kinda ‘lever’ would pop out of the black narrow slot and shove my order to my table. My sashimi order came that way but I forgot to snap a pix! :( According to the notice, it’s the first such conveyor belt outside Japan. And since you can also place orders on the video touchscreen next to your table, is this the beginning of the end for waiters?

See that? That's like the traffic light section for the junction between Sushi Avenue and Tempura Boulevard! Hah!
I believe as part of their opening celebration, Tampopo was giving out free boxes of Japanese green tea. They gave me 2 free boxes, each with 10 little packs of Japanese green tea, after I paid my bill.


M. said...

This is so cool! How are the prices?

Cavalock said...

Hi m! My udon was $8 n the sashimi set B bout $35, total with tax bout $50 for just me.

imp said...

so fun! i walked by last week and they were still putting in the last bits of reno work!

Cavalock said...

so have u been back there since? ^^;

Anonymous said...



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