Thursday, June 05, 2008

'I saw a man dressed like a woman'


My friend who teaches English to adult foreign students told us this funny but true story.

One day, a student asked him, ‘Teacher, I saw a man dressed like a woman, what do you call that?’

So my friend asked the entire class, ‘What do you all think is the proper term.’

HALF the class, in all seriousness, very straight-faced, not-joking-or-trying-to-be-funny answered, ‘Sexy boy!’

Anyway, got tagged by my friend Itsy to do another 7 meme list. Done this a couple of times already but hey, there are just so many things bout me. Hah! Now, I’m supposed to tag other people but I figured most of the folks I know who drop by have already done them. I mean, I think I have read theirs on their blogs. Anyway if there’s anyone reading this and who wants to do (another) meme, sure!

Was hypnotised.

Very much prefer white chocolate to dark.

Am a huge Peanuts Snoopy fan.

Been doing a bit of pen-and-paper Sudoku these days
when I’m bored in the office (besides the obvious

Love reading movie and TV spoilers.

Am not a big sports fan.

Suck at platform video games.


the arts and crafts experiment said...

you forgot to mention that you tell people about the spoilers you read about ;-)

Anonymous said...

i LOVE reading spoilers. heheheh. usually those are the deciding factors to see if i wanna watch the show!

Cavalock said...

itsy: opps...

imp: also lets u know if there r any extra scenes after the credits!

Anonymous said...



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