Sunday, June 29, 2008

'Including the obligatory booth chick pix'

It's time for a major geekfest as me and my friends geek-outed at the first Singapore Toy and Comic Convention. i'm not gonna go into how well or badly organised the thing was, hey, it's the first so I'm cutting them some slack. We weren't there for any of the freebies and I think cos of that we kinda enjoyed ourselves just looking at the stuff. I read how lots of people who were there to grab the free toys, t-shirts etc. were disappointed cos they didn't get any or they had to stand in long Qs and all that. So screw that, we just went to look at stuff.

One-hand shooting with my 'smaller' camera hence the slightly blurry shots. Lots of Star Wars pix here from the Hasbro booth. That's like the only thing we Q-ed for to get in.

It wasn't all Star Wars. The Hasbro Star Wars booth only took up bout 5% of the place. But I think it was the most organised one cos you had to Q to get in. Some random shots of the convention. Including the obligatory booth chick pix.

So did I buy anything? Yah, I only spent S$10 on a 3 Gashapon toys (2 figures and a phone strap). Even though there quite a lot of cheap figures esp yah, Star Wars again. I told myself I already had too many of those.


Panther said...

Not queuing was smart. Neither did I queue, but by gawd, they could have done better with the lighting in the freaking cosplay area. So many bad shots and so many flashes it was daylight one moment and night the next.

Cavalock said...

Thanks for dropping by Panther! wish i could hv stayed to take some shots of the cosplay.