Saturday, June 07, 2008

'Bringing out your heavy artillery'

Saw this a few nites ago. Man, talk about bringing out your heavy artillery. Three patrol cars and at least six cops to arrest one snatch thief, that's the guy in the shorts. Come on, you didn't really expect to use the flash, did ya?

Anyway, here’s something I thought would be interesting after reading Lunch is Served aka Gashapon Queen’s reply to my last post. Thought I’ll snap a couple of pix of some of my favourite Gashapon collection collected over the years. By the way, here's an interesting interview with the one of the Gashapon makers.

Back when I was working near Suntec City, me and my colleagues would be turning those dials like a bunch of crazed monkeys every other week during lunch, whenever there’s new stuff. There were a few of us so it’s easy to exchange any extra stuff we get. There’s of cos the Marvel superhero figures and usual (half-nekkid) anime gals, but the ones that I still take out of the box and kinda look them over are these.

An almost complete set of Tokyo JR train lines key chains with Tokyo train station names and little subway stuff on it like mini tickets and bar handlers. I got them at Suntec andthey always remind me of my Tokyo train rides. Nope, I don’t think I’ll ever use them as key chains. Also from Suntec is another almost complete set of pasta key chains. Each is actually different kinda pasta inside each pack and comes with a little plastic condiment!

These I got while in Osaka Japan last year, I think they call them ‘soundrops’. Press the middle and you’ll hear a Japanese phrase. The collections are usually based on TV shows, anime etc. In Japan, there are toys hops selling individual Gashapon stuff so it’s real easy to complete a collection by getting them here. I bought these single pieces from a shop instead of getting them from a machine. Don't think you can find them here in Singapore.


AVIANA said...

Are small toys just the rage in Japan? Even for adults?

Cavalock said...

well, i think they are more popular in Asia than in the US or Europe. ;)

yah, even for adults.

dilutedmagnetics said...

Ahem, the Gashapon Queen speaketh (LOL!)

We usually go for the cutey Disney or Sanrio capsule machines. But I must admit that I do it more for myself than for G :)