Tuesday, July 08, 2008

'Once upon a time'

Once upon a time there was little kid who liked playing games, all kinds of games. From board games to video games to role-playing games. He would read bout them and dreamt bout playing them almost every day. He read bout the famous annual Gen Con gaming convention in the US and imagined what it would be like when he got older and could somehow attend it.

Years past, he met other gamers, spent lots more money on games and had tons of fun. One day last year, he read bout the first ever Gen Con Oz happening in Brisbane, Australia. It’s part of the Gen Con franchise and it’s finally coming to the Asia-Pacific region.

So he rounded up his friends and started planning the outing, the expedition, the pilgrimage, the ROADTRIP!

Fast forward to last week and we were on our way! A week away from wives, work and kids.

So we landed at Brisbane Airport early Wednesday morning. Showed the immigration lady our forms where we ticked ‘Attending convention’.

The lady asked my friend, “what kind of convention?”

Friend answered. “Gaming.”

She asked, “Poultry?”

We had a good laugh with that. Until we reached the convention centre and saw this.

WTF!?! Does this we mean we signed up for the wrong freakin’ convention????


dilutedmagnetics said...

Please tell me this is a joke?

Cavalock said...

wait till u read my next entry...