Tuesday, July 29, 2008

'Throwing in a cup of coffee too'

Got a couple of Avenue Q - The Musical tickets to let go. Bought them a few months ago when they just went on sale. But due to unforeseen crap, I have to let them go otherwise I have to watch alone.

They are a pair of S$120 tickets K26 and K27, Nov 8 (Saturday) 8pm at the Esplanade. I got them for S$111 each cos of M1 discount. But I’m selling them for only S$110 each. It’s a real funny musical, kinda like an RA Sesame Street with puppets, won a couple of Tony awards and all that jazz. Drop me an email if you want those tickets. I wouldn’t mind throwing in a cup of coffee too if we meet up. Thanks in advance!

One of my favourite sites has closed. The Waiwai section of Mainichi Daily News. I wrote bout it being one of my daily must-reads in one of my waaaay earlier posts. It’s freakin’ Japanese sleaze, the articles (no pix) are usually bout sex-related tabloid stuff, like stories bout the sex industry in Japan or something equally kinky. So I guess if you read the reasons it’s really no surprise why they shut it down. But damn, it sure took them a long time. Hah!

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