Wednesday, July 09, 2008

'We saw the sign'

Hah, we knew we were at the right venue, Brisbane Convention Centre. We saw the sign just outside before the indoor poultry sign, hell, we thought the whole poultry congress thing was hilarious, made the airport story even funnier. Get it? Poultry, gaming....

Anyway, that was like almost noon when we got to the Convention Centre to collect our 4-day passes. But they weren't ready yet so we decided to grab some lunch somewhere nearby. The weather was bright and sunny yet nice and cold too.

Now the last time I was in Australia was in Sydney bout 10 years ago with an ex-girlfriend, so everything here was kinda new to me. Two of my friends studied in Australia so they were telling us how really laidback things are here. They warned me to be prepared, to expect things to be done at a much slower pace, expect Qs to move slower etc.
Even though it was a weekday, there were lots of familes and teenagers at the park where we had our lunch. Fish n' Chips, it was also my introduction to the miracle taste of chicken salt, that's the white powdery stuff in the pix below. You got your box of potatoe wedges (which lasted for a couple of days) and a bottle of lemonade.

BTW, I thought of putting all my Aussie food pix into one post, all the gaming into another or just do a day by day report instead ...well, then I figured maybe I'll do a bit of everything.
So we walked along Grey Street, towards Southbank Parklands and right smack into a man-made beach in the middle of the city. We all thought it was pretty cool. Folks sunbathing in the centre of city square.

Then we returned to the convention centre for our passes, checked into the service apartments before heading across the Melbourne Street bridge (but we are in Brisbane!) to the shopping district for an early dinner (the food court closes at bout 5pm!). The guys who studied here recommended Red Rooster but it just closed when we got there so I settled for kebabs. Grabbed some groceries then its back to our rooms for a quick card game of World of Warcraft CCG draft.

Next up: Let the games begin!


dilutedmagnetics said...

I worked in Brisbane for a few months. There used to be a open-air fair thing by the river, just next to Queen Street. Did you see it when you were there?

Cavalock said...

A fair with rides and kids' stuff? nope, didn't notice any in the area where we were. but there were lots of little cafes n eating places all over the place.

Anonymous said...

wieeeeeeeeeeee. looks like it's going to be loads of fun!!

Cavalock said...

yah, it was.