Sunday, July 27, 2008

'A game of mystery food roulette'

So last Friday my friend asked if I wanna joined in for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Midnight Madness sale at Toys r Us. A group of us were at the Episode 2: Attack of the Clones and Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith midnite sales but for this new cartoon feature ... I figured I'll passed on the staying pass midnite sale. Another reason was between our local comic con and going Brisbane for Gen Con Oz, we all kinda seen enough guys in Star Wars outfits for awhile. So none of us went for it in the end.

But I did manage to find some Midnight Madness sale pix from the Columbia, Maryland and Mission Bay in the US.

Anyway, the next day I read the forums and there was quite a crowd as expected, the department stores started stocking them on Saturday morning and the scalpers were grabbing everything in sight.

Still I managed to find at a heartlands store. I didn't wanna start another new collection but got General Grevious cos I was thought he was kinda cool and this figure didn't look as cartoony as the rest. And also that little '1st day of issue' tag does look pretty cool.

Here are some of my other exclusive Star Wars figures that I had to Q to get. The holographic was a freebie for taking part in the last midnite madness for Revenge of the Sith.

Dinner on Saturday nite had to be one of my Top 10 most ‘colourful’ and memorable dinners. Hmmm….where should I start? bout the opening of Hokkaido Sushi a couple of weeks ago from Imp and then the review from m.

Now I tried to get through to make a reservation at 7pm. Tried calling between 5.30pm and 6pm, kept getting the answering machine. Told myself, never mind, I’ll still go try my luck, if I can’t get a table, I’ll just take the bus or train to Kuriya at Raffles City.

Luck was with me as I got a table! And so begins our little tale of patience and misdirection! Ok, let me start by saying that the food and service were all excellent. The things that went wrong were I guess more logistical stuff. The dropping and breaking plate/bowl (not me!) at the start wasn’t a good sign either.

All right, there were a bunch of technical and logistical problems that nite. To be fair, I don’t think I wanna go into them as I think by the time anyone reads this, those problems would have already been fixed. But it all kinda reminds me of beta testing, you know when a software or game (I’m looking at you Age of Conan!!!) that’s not yet complete, still with some bugs but it’s released to the unsuspecting, paying public and chaos ensures.

But I think I will talk bout what I found funny that nite. The yakitori orders were nixed cos the grill couldn’t fire up or at least that’s what we were told. I thought it was kinda funny when the teppanyaki chef seemed pretty free compared to everyone else. Then when the defunct yakitori orders were redirected to him, he got buuzeeee real fast, together with the yaki chef who came out to help him. Well, I had 2 whole hours while waiting for my food to keep myself amused.

After the first hour, it became a game of mystery food roulette for me. ‘Which one of my orders will they cancel next?’ ‘What will they substitute for it?’ ‘What mystery food will they now serve me?’

I was also suddenly reminded of the Titanic. Maiden voyage and I bet at some point during the journey the kitchen was in chaos too. Hey, like I said, I had to keep myself entertained and I don’t have my DS or PSP with me.

I took some pix but I don’t think I wanna post them. Maybe the next time when I’m there again…


Anonymous said...

eiooow. go a month later lor. so gorblek the staff. they better shape up soon. if not, not even the freshest food can save the place.

dilutedmagnetics said...

You waited for 2 hours?! Gosh! You're a saint!

AVIANA said...

you waited 2 hours!...guess you weren't really that hungry...
wow..2 hours

not me....

Cavalock said...

Attending all those loooong Chinese wedding dinners helped me prepare for this….

Well, to be fair, the whole dinner lasted 2 hours but they did serve me food like every half hour. I made my plate of sashimi last over an hour. Sad but true.