Saturday, July 19, 2008

'Just for the cheap lobster'

Alright, as promised here's my little writeup on my nite at the Treasury Casino. It was our second nite in Brisbane, we left the convention about 5pm I think and headed to the shopping district. You can't miss the casino, it's the first big stoney-looking building when you cross the Melbourne Street bridge.

After dumping our bags in the locker (goodbye A$5!), we hit the main gambling hall. One of the guys brought us to the Wheel of Fortune table. That was like the easiest table to play, not counting the machines. OK, I don't really know how to write a play-by-play rundown of how the gambling went ... I lost almost everything there, walked around a bit. Like I said before in one of waaaaay earlier posts, I kinda got a gambling problem, used to bet LOTS on soccer every weekend a few years ago but have since stopped. I know how it feels to lose $$$ on bets so I wasn't that worried bout losing at the Wheel.

BUT I still got 2 chips left, after walking around, decided to head back to the Wheel to place one chip on a second last longshot, 23 to 1 odds (longest was 47 to 1). KAA-CHING!! Longshot worked, I won back my $$$ and I figured I better stop while I'm ahead. So I pretty much broke even on my first nite at an Aussie casino. ;)

BUT that's not the end of our casino adventure! The casino restaurant was having a members' special, A$9.99 lobster meal. Non-members pay A$19.99. So guess what, two of my friends decided to join the casino! Yes, just for the cheap lobster meal, hah! Membership was free and instant too so they signed up.

I thought of not ordering the lobster since I couldn't get the member price but luckily our waiter explained that we only needed one member at the table for everyone to enjoy the offer.

We also made sure we had veggies to go as well. Ordered Cesar's Salad and a plate of stirred fried veggies too. See? As a bunch of gaming geeks on vacation, we do know how to take care of ourselves. How good was the lobster? Well, we came back on our second last nite for another round. And this time we stayed clear of the gambling hall.
On our last nite, we grabbed dinner at the little restaurant down at our apartment cos we needed to head right to the airport after that. I had the baked pork loin in macadamia nuts. The skin was nice and crispy, thanks to the nuts. Was almost perfect cept that a huge chunk flew onto my sweatshirt while I was cutting it. I changed my outfit immediately but I still can't remove the stain till today. :(

Oh yah, my regular caffeine intake was taken care of with my orders of Flat Whites wherever I could find them.


dilutedmagnetics said...

OMG! All meat! Where's the sweets, cakes and pastries the Australians are famous for leh?

Cavalock said...

seriously man, we hardly saw any!

M. said...

i was glad to know you knew when you had to leave the gambling table :)

Cavalock said...

heh yah, i'm glad myself too. ^;^

dilutedmagnetics said...

Have lah, you didn't look hard enough because of all the MEAT! Australia is really a meat eating country.

Please tell me you at least tried their ice creams? It's so good!

Cavalock said...

Hah, I almost did. We walked past an ice parlour after lunch one day, my friend had a double scoop but I was just too stuffed that afternoon.