Thursday, July 17, 2008

'We just luuuve the gravy'

So did 4 guys on a gaming expedition do anything else besides gaming? Hell yah, we went shopping and eating and gambling!

Of cos we spent a small fortune on games but we also spent quite a bit on grocery shopping and eating well. I spent almost A$100 on Aussie snacks aka gifts for the folks back home. Latte Tim Tams were everyone’s favourite when we tried it one nite in the apartment. We would always open some new snacks when we got back to the apartment every nite, while trying out the new games we bought. Anyway, we all agreed Latte was the best, I think together we bought like over 20 packs over the next couple of days when we re-visited the supermarket.

Day 1 breakfast was the home-cooked sausages and eggs. Day 2 was 5 (or was it 6?) slices of white bread, cheese, Tasmanian pâté and a glass of fresh milk for me. The pâté was excellent. Only the Orange and Brandy mix (the one on the left) sucked. Recommended by one of the guys who studied there. I liked it so much I bought a pack home too, found one without the Orange and Brandy! Still in my fridge, haven’t opened it yet.

Day 3 was a simple pack of instant Indo mee for me. Was pretty good if I do say so myself. Been awhile since I fixed myself a packet of instant noodles. Thing was for these first 3 days, we all signed up for 10am morning tournaments. So breakfast had to be a quick one in the apartment.

But on the last day, we had nothing on that morning so we went looking for a really big breakfast. Found it at nice little Greek place down the road from the convention centre. We were served by a Borat-lookalike, really.

Food wasn’t as cheap as we expected it to be. Cheap steak was something we were looking out for but not much luck finding any. The guys who studied there brought us to some of their familiar food joints like Red Rooster. We just luuuve the gravy.

Next up we got more food and a nite at the casino...


dilutedmagnetics said...

Oh my... Australian food!

I actually lost 5 kgs after working about 3 months in Brisbane - because I ate so much meat, like steak and ham. I guess it's cheaper for the hostel to serve meat than anything else to the students. But my fav food there would be their cakes and sweets :)

the arts and crafts experiment said...

damn! if we were still working at 141, i'd be in your room eating your aussie goodies with sharon and glenn! :-)

Cavalock said...

lunch: lost 5kg after eating too much meat?? we didn't really see much cakes or pastries during our food/shopping runs.

itsy: yah! don't u miss me? ^;^

dilutedmagnetics said...

It was an enforced Atkins diet. I didn't really fancy potatoes, and they didn't serve rice. So I only had meat, meat and more meat to eat :(