Monday, July 14, 2008

'I have a kitty litter in my room'

There were lots of other stuff going at Gen Con Oz besides the games. I was the only hardcore comic book fan in the group so I spent some time at the artists’ section where I met lovely Australian comic book artist Nicola Scott who’s handling the art chores for the upcoming DC comic Secret Six.

I brought my Birds of Prey trade paperback for her to autograph on Friday and came back again on the last day Sunday just before closing to buy some original page art pieces. But decided for a couple of character sketches instead. She did a Batman on-the-spot for me while she was doing that, I figured why not have a Catwoman too, facing him. Think that’ll look pretty neat on the wall.

Time for some of the more eye-catching pix featuring cosplay and other dubious characters coming up.

Babysitting services at the convention was a hit.

“Who’s your daddy?”

Halo guy or Headlights-Man?

Halo guy sneaking up on Clonetrooper guy.

“My, what a big, long gun you have.”

Chewie needs a shave.

A$50 lets you learn how to ‘Fight like a Jedi” apparently by the guy who taught the swordplay in the Star Wars movies. For A$50, I wanna at least get to keep the lightsaber.

“Really lady, I have a kitty litter in my room, just follow me.”

Some fantasy chick fulfilling some guy’s fantasy.

Transformer chick with Bumblebee (who’s a chick too).

“Well, I’m still waiting for one of you to transform.”

The Guitar Fairy?

Slash makes a comeback. Not.

Nice Blood Elf lady teams up with lame Spidey.

Yah, that’s more her type.

No idea who they are but they sure look tired.

Must … resist … making … jokes … bout … people’s weight.

Saving the pretty ones for last.


dilutedmagnetics said...

Actually, Brisbane has a lot less fat people than the other Australian cities leh :)

Cavalock said...

Hah...well, outside the convention centre, the folks were a lot more 'normal'. ^;^

imp said...

while the comic stuff don't get me drooling, i can totally get your enthusiasm for the hobby. very exciting to be in the thick of happenings!

Cavalock said...

yes it was. My friend used this analogy to describe the event to his colleagues 'imagine meeting people who share your favorite hobby, now imagine that meeting lastng 4 days.' hah