Wednesday, July 23, 2008

'We are keeping this post PG-rated'

Heh, yap, it’s still with the food loot I hauled from Brisbane. The packs of instant coffee are pretty good. Far as I know you can’t find these here. You can however find the regular cappuccino flavour here at The Marketplace Raffles City but the one I bought is the sweet cappuccino that comes with a free cocoa powder shaker.

The Chai Tea tastes almost exactly like the one I had at Coffee Bean a couple of years ago. Dunno if they still have it on their menu. Very very flavorful, nice and spicy if you like it that way.
Hmmmm….. the fabled Chicken Salt…..only A$1.90….why can’t you find it here? Is it banned here cos it’s like some super sinful salt that’s really bad for your health or something?

I was told that you can find the Latte Tim Tams at our local Candy Empire, very reasonably priced too. Trust me, everyone who had one loved it. My friend's colleagues even offered to buy some off him. This here’s my last unopened pack.

Ahhh…licorice… had my first taste many years ago and found that it to sometimes have quite an ‘interesting’ effect on me, we are keeping this post PG-rated now. So when I saw someone decided to cover it in chocolate, hey, it’s like pure freakin’ genius man!


dilutedmagnetics said...

Tim Tams used to be a rare treat for me as a kid. But I gorged myself on them in Brisbane - I even dunk them into hot chocolate during winter. Now, I feel like puking when I see a packet of Tim Tams! Yikes!

Cavalock said...

well, i was never into it until now, but only the Latte ones. The rest sucks.