Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Geez, after 6 posts on Gen Con Oz, what else can I say about it? If there are any gamers out there who wanna know more bout the event, you can always email me at cavalock@yahoo.com well, I was real lucky to be with a bunch of guys who knew how to eat well too. But I think I posted all the food shots I got. I still got a few more Brisbane shots that I’ll post below.

Funny stories to tell? Yah, there were more than a couple of those. But most were usually the ‘ya-gotta-be-there-ta-get-it’ kinda stories. Like how one of the guys fell asleep mid-sentence at a gaming table in the middle of the afternoon, “So how do you … * nod * ...zzzzzzzzzzzz….”, first time any of us saw something like this.

Then there was the Friday nite we had free soft porn showing on cable. Bare Naked Desires, you can’t ever forget a title like that. We had the movie running while playing the boardgames we bought earlier. After gaming, two headed back to their room down the hall cos we couldn’t get adjoining rooms (snorers in one room, non-snorers in the other), me and my friend went straight to bed while the other 2 guys continued watching the show in their room. Was kinda funny cos the next day, one of them looked real tired and at that time we thought it was the other guy’s snoring that kept him awake. ...er... like I said, you gotta be there to get it.

We went ‘HAIL!’ when we saw this.

This actually led to a passionate discussion as to whether or not that was an accurate to scale, life-size T-Rex or not. Really.

Metal stuff.

More metal stuff.

My room shots! Not a bad service apartment Riverside Hotel. Right between the convention area (nice and laidback) and the shopping casino district. Little less than A$500 each for 4 nites.

The food loot pix, taken back home after I unpacked. Got home bout 7am in the morning.

Headed to Orchard for lunch a few hours later. My S$50 Kuriya lunch at Shaw. Already planned for a major Japanese lunch before I left the country! Hah!

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