Sunday, July 13, 2008

'Breakfast of champions'

We got off to a hearty start on the first day of Gen Con Oz. one of my friends prepared breakfast for us in his room. He cooked up an unforgettable morning feast for us. We call it the Breakfast of Champions cos later that morning, he took the first prize for our first strategy game, Ticket to Ride! So remember people, good things happen to you if you make breakfast for me! We signed up online for 2 award-winning strategy board games and 1 fun fantasy card game, plus 1 World of Warcraft collectible card game over the counter while we were there.

One strange thing we noticed was that we seemed to be the only Singaporeans attending the thing. I mean, we thought we would run into some familiar local faces here. Well, anyway we had a blast.

And at the end of the entire convention, we did pretty damn well in the games too. Two of my friends won the Ticket to Ride (10am Thursday) and Puetro Rico (10am Saturday) strategy games. 4 groups with 5 players in each group, total 20 players. 2 rounds, after each round, players would randomly switch groups. Total high scorer wins a championship title, a cert and vouchers.

I must give HUGE props to all the Aussies gamers, very polite, very nice and great gamers. We joked, shook hands and had a great time. One thing my friend said bout the Aussie players was he was kinda surprised by the way they played, as in most (but not all) of them don't try to 'screw' the other players during the game. Not screw as in cheat or anything like that but in these strategy games, it's normal to attempt to make counter moves, block someone else's moves and so on. Well, there was this one guy who was pretty pissed off by my friend's moves in Puetro Rico, after losing the game the guy just walked off. Heh!

Cutthroat Caverns was the lighthearted fantasy card game that ran on Friday nite. The friend who won Puetro Rico was also one of the 3 winners for Cutthroat Caverns and guess what, that day was his birthday too.

The Warcraft ccg was a last minute game we decided to play. We all enjoyed playing the game so we figured why not play with some Aussies while we were there. It was the Aussie National Qualifiers. Top 8 guys will qualify for the Aussie Nationals later this year. My 3 friends made it to the Top 8, I didn't. :( But 2 of them decided to quit cos we were very tired and there wasn't really any point in us qualifiying since we weren't gonna be around for their Nationals. We just played for fun.

On with the pix! Alright, most of the cool shots of us in action, I can't put up for obvious reasons, unless I learn how to do those headless shots like Imp. Hah! Oh, I brought my little camera for the trip, not the big one.

Day one crowd. These are the guys who don't believe in signing up online. That's like 30 mins of your life spent Q-ing that you'll never get back.

One of the coolest things bout the convention was the huge boardgame area. There were dozens of boardgames there for anyone to just pick up one, bring it to one of the many tables there, open the box and play. We played bout 20 new games, some we liked more than others and ended up heading to the stalls to look and buy them. Here we were Aqua Romano and the one below is Ra.

Some of the many stalls.

Wizards of the Coast with their Magic, D&D, D&D miniatures and Heroscape too I think.

LAN gamers in action. Team Fortress I believe.

Not for sale yet but here's a sneak preview of the World of Warcraft miniatures game. I can almost see my money walking out of my pocket already.

The role-playing arena. That's about as close as we wanna get. Heh.

Some kinda seminar I guess. "So do we all know the difference between a blue box and a green box?"

Hey, you are never too old to game!

The miniature wargamming arena.

But learn how to paint those little lead guys first, and here's a place where you learn how to do just that.

Yes, it's a guy in robes playing a giant Jugga game.

So Apollo and Baltar from the new Battlestar Galactica TV series were supposed to turn up as the event's main celebrity guests (really!) but they couldn't cos of their filming schedule, so instead we got ... who? ...

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