Thursday, November 20, 2008

'Cavalock finally meets Danny Choo'

Had a pleasant Wednesday filled with some cool stuff. Took the day off from work to attend Danny Choo’s Internet workshop. Yup, Cavalock finally meets Danny Choo. He was one of the speakers at Promex BDA Asia. I tried to get my agency to send me to the 2-day conference but I think the almost one grand price tag kinda killed the deal. Hah!

Anyway, I left the apartment early, took a bus and train to Bishan Library, was lucky enough to find a coupla new comic books there. Hopped back on the train to Orchard for the workshop and also a very fast lunch at one of my favourite Japanese joints there, Shimbashi Soba at Paragon. Cold soba with duck slices and an egg for bout S$20.80. You gotta mix it all up real good to enjoy it!

Some pix of the workshop. Look for some sporadic changes when I find the time to try out some of the stuff he talked about.

Danny the presenter.

Danny meets the fans.

Danny belts out a tune.

Danny with an itch.

Yah, I know. They ain't the best shots around. But you can find and read more bout the workshop at some of these cool sites. I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting some of the other bloggers too.



Anonymous said...

You headed to AFA? Team Blue has a post up asking who wants to meet up together, and we have a dinner (see my blog) on Friday (today by now) which you also want to turn up for.

Cavalock said...

yup, will be at AFA but only bout 3pm or 4pm cos got a wedding lunch thing in the morning/afternoon.

thanks for the invite but might be working late on fri today.

AK said...

Hey, this is AK from the Workshop, the guy in the green shirt. Would you like to do a blog link exchange with me?

Cavalock said...

hi, sure i'll like to do that. I'll be setting up a list of fav blogs soon. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey, met you at the workshop :)