Sunday, December 21, 2008

'Does the turkey breast have a bone like that'

Man, I just got back from a Xmas dinner and it was just crazy! Not in a drunkard way, but in a comedy of errors kinda way. I swear we honestly didn't know what we were eating. I don't even know where to begin. To begin from the start would be too long so I'll just freestyle my way through this one.

Now when I took the above pix, we all honestly thought it was the 'turkey breast' that one of us ordered (if you wanna know where its from, let me know) for our dinner group of 10. Was pretty much the same group as two years ago. Some little conversation notes of the evening...

"Does the turkey breast have a bone like that?"

"'s only 2kg."

"I thought turkey meat is usually white."
"No, it's like that one."

"That's really good turkey gravy"

"I don't see any stuffing."

Do you see where this is going? I know 10 adults didn't until we got a phone call telling us they gave us a 7kg piece of honey baked (or was it glazed?) ham instead of the 2kg turkey breast we ordered! By then we already ate like 20% of it, all the while thinking it was turkey! As one of us said, "wah, lucky no one here halal!"

Honestly, we all thought turkey breast looked like that. I mean, if we ordered a full turkey, we would know the difference but this was the first time we ordered turkey breast and none of us really knew how the 'breast of a turkey' looked like before it becomes the familiar little thin slices that we always see on our plates. We even went back to their website to see if the order form has any pix of the turkey breast. It didn't or if it did, it wasn't labelled. Some more of the evening conversation...

"That was 7kg?!?"

"I just took what the guy gave me."

"That's a LOT of ham."

"Every year something like this always happens during our Xmas dinners."

"That's really a LOT of ham. Where're the Ziplock bags?"

"I don't care, everyone is taking home some ham!"

Oh, and for dessert we had the very delicious Crunchy Honeycomb Xmas cake from The Patissier. Very highly recommended.


Anonymous said...

LOL 7 kg ham. WTF were those things on top, they look disgusting.

Also that cake looks nice indeed.

red fir said...

LOL. I just woke up and I can't stop laughing haha.

Cake looks nice but it's like $108/kg! Pretty steep for a cake!

Cavalock said...

Panther: LOL, that's dried apricot with prunes i think, didn't try them.

ice: The ham was actually twice the price of the turkey breast when we checked the site. We bought the smaller version of the cake, 500g i think for $44 member price.

dilutedmagnetics said...

I mean... any housewife will tell you it's a ham mah.

Cavalock said...

is it? the housewife's husband collected it leh. hah!

anyway, we saw a Delifrance pix of their turkey breast in the papers the next day, looks like the ham wat!

imp said...

this is hilarious!!! but 7kg of ham?!? that's a freaking lot man. heeeeeeeee.

Cavalock said...

Imp, 3 ham sandwich breakfasts in a row coming right up!

BTW need to make it clear from my last reply that we DID NOT get our ham from delifrance. I only used their pix as a reference.