Thursday, August 05, 2010

Cavalock and The East West Cockle Connection

Being not gainfully employed does have certain benefits, like having the time to travel to opposite ends of the island for food.

Finally made it to the popular Pasir Panjang Food Centre for the very first time. Went with the guys for dinner on a Tuesday evening. Unfortunately the roads leading the place and surrounding area were all under construction or major road renovations, so there's this huge barrier blocking it from the main road. That would explain why only half the stalls were open when we were there. Seems like biz is pretty slow cos of all the works around the place.

Anyway, it was a guy's nite out, all 10 of us. The place is laid out like Newton Circus, food stalls along the perimeter and seats in the middle of the circle. We had all the usual suspects, satay, chicken wings, stingray etc. The pix above is the only shot of the night, after that my fingers were in no condition to touch my iPhone. :P

Eating the 'sea hum' (cockles) was fun. Like the part where my friend opened a foul smelling one and he went, "Orrrgh, this is bad. Here, smell it." and we all eagerly took a sniff as he passed it around!

Another friend who works with kids told us how he got a letter from a parent who wants to know how to stop his kid from playing online games till two in the morning. The friend thought to himself, "Man, 2am is nothing! Back then, we played till four in the morning!"

So that was my little western adventure, back to the east! Was at the famous 328 Katong Laksa after like two years. Still as yummy as ever and just the right spice level for me.

And yes, there's them cockles again. After lunch was somewhere and something new for dessert.

Yup, that's the Awfully Chocolate at 131 East Coast Road. Stumbled upon it totally by accident. I think I mentioned before that I'm not a big dark choc fan, more of a white choc lover.

Presenting the white choc butterscotch block, quite possibly the best white choc cake around. Incredibly moist, smooth and just the right amount of dark choc for someone like me.

The super stacked cake had a gazillion choc flavors in there, I forgot. I just OD on the dark choc right there. Plus the choc ice cream that came with it, I think that's all the choc I can take till Xmas. But hey, if you are a serious choc lover, go for it.

And the whole deal ain't cheap either, S$21.35 for all you see there. Now the strange thing is they don't serve coffee or tea there although you do get free plain water. You can go buy your hot drinks at the kopi tiam across the road and bring it in.


red fir said...

Oh my cavalock! You got me at the white choc butterscotch block! Haha now you're posting desserts instead of me doing it. And you had 2! (: Must go eat it soon at the Vivo outlet.

imp said...

cavalock: that Pasir Panjang hawker ctr has been under construction for so many years?!!! I remember it was all boarded up a couple of years back already.

hey ice, i'm missing your posts. :(

Cavalock said...

ice: yah, think they got them at their vivo outlet too. Nah, u still the dessert queen.

imp: yah, we all miss her posts too!