Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One week in Sillypore 5

A couple of years ago, I did a couple of entries called A Week in Sillypore cos back then I just got a new digital SLR and I wanted to snap some random shots round the island with it.

Well, since I got lots of free time on my hands right now not that I got a choice in the matter but that's another story, here's (about) a week's worth of iPhone pix, in no particular order.

My second visit to Wild Honey the Mandarin Gallery and a very heavy English Breakfast brunch at 10.30am on a Saturday morning. After that I didn't have a bite at all till like 5.30pm in the evening when I finally found myself at Parco Millenia Walk. Yah, first time there since they changed it to a Japanese food theme.

Seriously, that place is a ghost town. I really doubt if it's gonna last more than a couple of years before they change the concept again. Early dinner was at ramen joint Nansuttei. Had the big bowl of Marutoku Negi Chashu at S$17, which is basically the one with everything in it. This place was like the only one with a long Q outside at bout 6pm plus. And yah, it's definitely worth Q-ing for, it's that good.

Hey look, Orchard Road is deserted on a weekday!

Same for the malls and train station too! Don't envy me cos I can roam the streets on a working day!

Had the guys over for board games last Friday at the start of the long weekend. That's Power Grid in the pix, great bidding game.

The almighty iPad, my new gadget toy, I just can't let go of it. Been doing a ton of downloading followed by reading on it. That's just one of the many mags I got in there. Not reading any novels on it, only mags, comics and reference books. I think if I wanna read novels, fiction or stuff like that, I'd still prefer the actual print edition. And damn right I'll be writing more bout my iPad next time!

Yup, that's the new iPhone 4 on my coffee table and nope, it ain't mine. Thor approves the iPhone 4. :P

While shopping for iPad accessories, look what I found although I have no idea how it could possibly work. You don't use your earphone to see anything so saying it's 3D is moot plus it jiggles while in your ear?!?

Now this ain't exactly a good shot but it's a tandoori chicken burger with salt and vinegar fries from Everything With Fries at Orchard Central. It's very sloppy hence no more pix of it after I picked up the burger. Not very tasty, I luv tandoori chicken and that my dear is no tandoori chicken. But the fries are pretty good. The owner's the lady who's behind Awfully Chocolate.

Saw this pet shop while I was in East Coast. All them cats and dogs roaming freely in the shop was really cute.

One of the last remaining traditional bakeries around. This one's at Whampoa, you don't need directions to find it, just follow that sweet baking aroma when you are in the neighborhood.

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stargirl said...

i love bread from traditional bakeries! haha i think i'm so greedy that i'll still need a late lunch after having the English Breakfast Set in the morning! i've heard that the brioche was fab, how was it? (:

ice said...

I think there're a few old school bakeries at Whampoa. Bought some bread from one of them before, love those soft bread.

Cavalock said...

stargirl: the brioche was soft n fluffy, thats the way it should be rite?

ice: only noticed one, this is the one leading up to the main road.