Monday, August 09, 2010

Cavalock And The National Day Hypocrisy

Well, it's our little island's National Day and the last time I wanna do is rant bout the country but ...ARRGH!... after reading the papers over the last couple of days, I just can't help it.

First our supreme leader and my ex-neighbor (man, I shouldn't have waved at the damn convoy everyday when I was a kid) tells us that we should all be working till our last breath, don't you dare dream of retiring and enjoying life! Oh yah, I'm sure there are lots of people who with their last dying breath wish they had spent more time in the office instead of with their family!

Then yesterday we were told that as good citizens, one of the 5 'C's to aim for is 'children'. WTF?!? Look, I got nothing against kids, I just want the government to give a balanced view on having kids. It's not all bright and warm, fuzzy love when you have kids. There are a ton of downsides when you have kids. More today than ever before and people should be made aware of that. After telling all the pros and cons of having kids, then let them decide. Don't just feed them one side of the story and then insist that they go procreate. Just read my previous post and follow the link there.

Alright, had to get that out of my system. Now I know I am the last guy to write something bout this little famous patisserie but yes, I finally made it to Flor last week. As you can see, I got a chance to sample more than one slice of heaven. My favorite has got to be the Millefeuille, that's the top right one. That's their version of the classic Japanese chestnut Mont Blanc, something that I had the pleasure of having more than once when I was in Japan.

What else can I say bout the place? The cakes are great, a little pricy maybe but hell, you can't good stuff like that everywhere. It's at 2 Duxton Hill and they even got their own website. Oh, and a little reminder, please feel free to tick one of the little boxes at the end of each post! Like to know how you guys feel. Thanks! <^;^>


ice said...

I just knew this ranting post is coming up.

The cakes you had in Japan definitely look much better than anything you can get here. Man I would really like that green tea Mont Blanc!

Oh btw I took 2 visits to Flor to conquer all the cakes you had at a go... You seem to have a sweeter tooth recently haha.

Cavalock said...

Hah, I had help finishing the cakes. Damn, I am really missing tokyo now

dilutedmagnetics said...

About kids... well, all I can say is, I'm so grateful for my girl. She's keeping me sane now. In the past, when she was really tiny, she made me insane. Now that she's grown up a little, she's really great company. She keeps me from self-destructing too. The pay-back for being a parent is immense. Much more that what I put in. But that's my experience...

Cavalock said...

yup, I know what you mean. I'm just saying there are some people out there who aren't prepared to have kids but they were fed an unrealistic picture of a happy family with kids. don't force people to hv kids just becos the country needs more pple.

Parents-to-be should be given the facts, the highs n lows of having kids, how much $$$ it would cost to raise one, the things n time parents would be sacrificing if they have kids etc.

m said...

hey cavalock, your post just made me lol - completely missed the nat day msg cos i was working the whole day and night! caught a bit of fireworks (the tail end) from my workplace window tho! I didn't know they wanted another of the 'Cs' to be CHILDREN!!