Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cavalock and The Cuppage Plaza Challenge

First up, the answer to last post's question (in case anyone actually read it) is Breakdance 2: Electric Boogaloo. I know I'm showing my age here.

Weird food discovery of the week! MILO powder is officially an ice-cream topping?!? When did this happen? I guess McDonalds will put just about anything on their McFlurry, long as you sweet (and cheap!) and sprinkle-able or squirt-able, they'll drizzle it on your McFlurry for you.

Also in that last post, I wrote bout my lunch at Kushigin at Cuppage Plaza. Well, was back with my gaming buddies last weekend during dinner time, one had a craving for sushi so I brought them there. Remembered seeing all them hidden sushi joints tucked in the corner of each floor, between the very kinky but very expensive KTV lounges.

We walked round the entire place BUT we didn't eat at any one of them cos to my friend, they all looked expensive. I mean, most of them didn't have no menu on display and they don't look all that cheap either, from the outside.

A couple of them were kinda small and had only a few customers in them. Hence, the expensive, fancy and exclusive appearance I suppose.

I definitely do plan to try at least one of them soon. Yes, I still hope to be a Singapore food blogger one day. I am brushing up on my repertoire of words like 'delicious' to 'lip=smacking goodness'. Not bad eh? So which one of these restaurants should I visit first? Let me know and I'll be demanding my free meal there faster than you can say 'bill please!'

Oh yah, this Izakaya (Japanese pub) below was like full during weekday lunch so I'm thinking they aren't that expensive so that might be a good place to start.


stargirl said...

McDonald's once had a Milo McFlurry which had Milo powder and Milo nuggets mixed into the ice cream. hey i know this sounds strange, but i am secretly in with love eating Milo powder!

ice said...

Please cavalock! You wouldn't want to be like them... him. Such a disgrace.

Cavalock said...

stargirl: opps, looks like i ought to pay more attention at McD! hah

ice: nooooooo.....i want my free cake and eat it too! :P