Monday, September 06, 2010

Cavalock and The Return to Royce

Had enough of all them fruity, gimmicky Japanese Kit Kats? Felt that they never really delivered on the flavors they promised? Royce might just have the sweet solution for you.

Its been ages since I bought anything from Japanese chocolaterie Royce, but there I was at their Ion outlet last weekend when I spotted their new Fruit Bar Chocolate bars. At S$17 for a box of 10, it's definitely more expensive than your average Japanese Kit Kat box.

Like it says on the box, you got your strawberry, mango, cranberry, banana and nutty puff all in a bar. Well, I could definitely taste the banana flavor, cranberry bits and nutty puffs, not much of the rest I think. It's tastier and waaaay more fruitier than the Japanese Kit Kats. Thicker and fuller too. It's like Kit Kat to the power of 10.

Kinda reminds me of them fruits and nuts granola bars except it's not as filling. A good enough snack so I say go for it.


ice said...

Awesome! I saw it and was terribly tempted to buy. Hmm... but I don't like banana in my desserts.

Cavalock said...

the banana isn't that overpowering. if u like the fruity kit kats and always wished that it was richer n fruitier, then u should get it. mebbe u can share the box with a friend?