Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cavalock and The Bluefin Tuna Fragmentation

A quick check at Meidi-Ya supermarket and look what I found, Mars Refuel chocolate drink! It's new to me so here's a little taste test review of it. The last time was I actually chomped down on a Mars bar was a lifetime ago in the army and it was like a between meals kinda snack. So here's a reunion with an old friend.

I got two taste testers for this. Out of the bottle, it looks just like any other light brown chocolate drink. Cost was just a little over S$5 for a bottle.

Taste tester 1: "Taste like Milo but with a hint of caramel"

Taste tester 2: "Not as rich and chocolaty as a Mars bar but still an OK chocolate drink"

So there you go, the Mars Refuel is alright chocolate drink and worth checking out at least once if you are really into Mars.

Now on Saturday, I was lucky to stumble onto this bluefin tuna gutting demo at Isetan supermarket. According to the stats pasted on the wall, this here is a 5-year-old male (no roe I guess!) bluefin tuna all the way from Japan.

After slicing and dicing the fish, the pieces were immediately cut, shrink-wrapped and put on sale. And it sure ain't cheap. I also overheard that a buyer has already reserved the head.

No, I didn't buy any of them. I wish I could but for that much money I would have had dinner at my favorite Japanese joint. Don't forget to leave a tick in a box below! <^;^>

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