Friday, September 10, 2010

One Week in Sillypore 6

Ooooh it's time for a special birthday edition of A Week in Sillypore. Yup, me birthday was on Wednesday and although lunch was just a table-for-one affair at the food court, the rest of the day turned out a lot better. But believe it or not, I didn't get anything for myself. :(

Anyway, while roaming Plaza Singapura mall, look what I found at the food basement. Escargots! Unfortunately I already had my lunch so that's something to look forward I guess. Prices range from S$7.50 to S$9, depending on your choice of dip.

Daiso has a new outlet at the mall too. It looks bigger, brighter and best of all, you can now rope a pig for only two bucks! I was actually looking for this when I started roasting my chicken a year ago cos you need to tie its legs together to keep the stuffings in. Like, who would have thought to find it at your $2 Daiso?

Dinner that night was at Mellban restaurant at Toa Payoh. One of the best crab joints around if you ask me. Here's their signature favorite buttercrab. Meat so fresh it just comes right off.

And of cos, you need lots of carbo courtesy of the ever popular gravy-soaking, plate-wiping man-tou buns.

A nice aerial view of Orchard Road, on my way up to ...

... this. Tonkichi restaurant at Orchard Central. Ah yes, Orchard Central, one of the worst architecture nightmares. Let's face it, it's like a freakin' maze on steroids and the only thing good are the restaurants upstairs.

Gaming with the guys, always a weekly pleasure to look forward to. That's the Prophecy boardgame, not the best game around, kinda like a second rate Talisman boardgame.

My little collection of dice. Just some of them I got from around the world. You got your zodiac one, Japanese dishes, yes/no, skulls, Roman and Chinese numerals, who what where etc. Cool?

Food discoveries of the week. Burger King has their onion rings in the stores now, Cold Storage to be exact. No, didn't get any. Still hooked on these.

Starbucks latest offering, Creme Brulee Macchiato. Nice and creamy with them sweeeeet dark caramel drizzle on the top. Had both cold and hot, prefer the hot.

Now I always got a weak spot for limited edition stuff, all kinds from action figures to watches to now ... BEER! Here's the limited edition autumn beer from Kirin. Got it from Meidi-Ya and as expected tastes exactly like dried autumn leaves ...noooooo... I'm just kidding! Haven't had it yet but trust me, I will.

Don't forget to leave a comment or tick in those little boxes at the end of the post. Anyone likes the supermarket new discoveries? I'll try to spot new stuff and post them here, well, new to me at least. Thanks! <^;^>


stargirl said...

actually there's a wonderful shop on the second floor of orchard central. it's called jewels artisan chocolate, and sells probably the best macarons you can get in stores locally. the black palm island salt macaron is a must-try! it uses salted egg in the buttercream haha.

stargirl said...

oh and happy belated birthday!

ice said...

I gave my birthday wishes already but anyhows, Happy Birthday again!

Cavalock said...

stargirl: thanks for the birthday wishes! yah, heard bout jewels artisan but have not tried any of their stuff yet.

ice: thanks! <^;^>