Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cavalock and The Sweet Potato Acquisition

An all-snacks desserty update! Now I don't usually talk bout snacks cos I don't do them but here's one that kinda caught my attention and tastebuds so here we go.

Sweet potato chips from Japan, now the only English words on the little cups are 'sweet potato' and Osatsu Doki. Cups are bout the size of the smaller cup-a-noodle ones. Don't mistake them for the Calbee brand.

There are two flavours, the plain one comes in the red cup and the butter-flavoured one comes in the yellow cup. Far as I know, you can only get them at Meidi Ya supermarket, Liang Court. S$2.85 a pop.

The chips are small but thick little pieces. Not very salty but the yellow one does have a pretty strong buttery flavor.

I think they are selling pretty well cos the last few times I was there, it was sold out and then again right after they replenished it. So there you go, if you are ever in the neighborhood like maybe after a meal at Chikuwa Tei (hah!), go take a five minute stroll to Liang Court and grab a cup of chips.

So like after more than a decade I think, I finally found myself back at Robertson Quay or was it Robertson Walk? Anyway, there I was on a Saturday nite and no, I wasn't there for the World Cup. I don't believe in paying millionaire sportsmen to entertain themselves but I digress.

Found myself at the popular Laurent Bernard Chocolatier for the first time. Too bad they ran out of the souffle they I wanted. Got myself a caramelized coffee with milk and the girls ordered a bottle of Moet and a couple of Blackforest cakes, that is I think it was Moet.

Not a bad nite and yes, we all did have dinner at Chikuwa Tei earlier. <^;^>

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