Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cavalock and The Niku Udon Catalyst

After a long illness, my uncle passed away on Friday. He was the bestest uncle anyone could ever ask for. He loved me unconditionally and asked for nothing in return. He got my jokes and we could talk bout all kinds of stuff. When I was just a little kid, he worked in a certain bank across the US in cities like New York, San Francisco and even Honolulu for almost a decade and he would send back boxes filled with toys and comic books.

When I asked him about drinking and what I should order for the first time in a bar, he said 'coke and rum'. So I told the barkeep I'll have a 'coke and rum' and the barkeep said, 'kid, it's rum and coke, never say coke and rum'. Well, he also introduced me to joys of Baileys and red wine. <^;^>

Oh, another piece of advice I got was when I was on my way to the Big Apple, "whatever you do, don't act like a tourist, you'll get mugged". He was into classical music, opera, country and rock and roll from the 50s and 60s. Ok, didn't get into the first two but Johnny Cash, Motown, Elvis, I was totally there. He subscribed to Time, Newsweek and National Geographic (that mag always had a weird smell), he even opened a DC Comics subscription for me. Anything I wanted, he'll give it to me, no questions asked.

I know the last thing he would want right now is me to be sad. He was a quiet and private person but I bet he'll be excited to know that I might be heading to the west coast next month. I'll miss him for sure but I know life is short and soon, we'll all be together again.

Wow, hope I didn't freak anyone out with this. Well, it's just something I wanted to say. Hey, I still got food stuff to talk about.

My current fav cheap meal. Niku udon or pork udon at Liang Court food basement. Thin and tender slices of pork, a clear tasty broth and it's only S$7. The udon is just of the right texture, not too chewy. The whole experience kinda reminds me of those little udon joints in Shinjuku cos its cheap, convenient and taste really good.


dilutedmagnetics said...

Take care Cavalock.

Cavalock said...

Am ok. Thanks

ice said...

Don't take it too hard cavalock.

This is my favorite udon stall too. Will blog about it soon.

Stargirl said...

my condolences.

have you tried kishimen? it's a variation of udon which is bouncy and slurpy!

imp said...

glad you're doing okay. i love the memories you have of him. hold on to them tight. hugs, lots.

Cavalock said...

Thank you all

ice: looking forward to reading it <^;^>

stargirk: sounds familiar but i don't think i have tried it yet

imp: bout yr office stuff, u take it easy too

Anonymous said...

woow looking good!!
i love beef nikuudon :)