Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cavalock and The High Definition Ransom

*Yawn* it's like past midnite, early Sunday morning as I'm typing this, waiting for my hair to dry before hitting the sack. What a week, new lady boss from the US but not gonna talk bout work here.

My old cable recorder finally bit the dust by deleting all my recorded shows one afternoon last week. Then found out that my model has been discontinued and the only one they have right now that offers recording is their top model, the high definition one. So if you ever want to record any shows at all, you have absolutely no choice but to pay get the most expensive cable box in the market. StarHub, you really suck big time, and you are sooo lucky it's late and I can't think of any worse insult than that. Yah, I had no choice but to get it cos I need to record my shows. Damn, I'm so glad you guys are getting screwed by the World Cup fiasco.

Like I said, it's late and my sentence construction skill is slipping really fast. Time to let the pix do the talking.

Now I know Ice didn't really enjoy her last visit to Ootoya but mine was pretty good. I think my trick is ordering the same thing again, hey, once I like something, I usually stick to it at least for the next couple of times.

Nice steaming pork soup with mushrooms and other veggies. Taste great, only problem was the there were only two pieces of pork in it.

Usual rice with fishy toppings and then dessert!

Caught this new condo while visiting my old neighborhood. Man, if I was still living there, I'll feel like Poland. OK, I think not many people will know what this WWII history buff is talking about. <^;^>


ice said...

Two pieces of pork in it... now that's a big problem.

I'll rather go to Chikuwa Tei now to get my Jap fix.

dilutedmagnetics said...

I see some rement on top of your cable box :)

Cavalock said...

ice: yah, tell me bout it BUT the soup/broth is so tasty, i forgive them. ;)

diluted: u r right. i blogged bout them before.