Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cavalock and The New Year Deficiency

Gosh, I wish I have great food reviews or been to some new joint but .... nah ..., it's just the same old places.

Chinese New Year has been a quiet affair for me compared to other people I know. A small family means keeping things fast and simple, no unexpected guests dropping in and all that messy CNY stuff. Hah! So with the shops closed and all, I been catching up with the shows I recorded during the free cable period. Finally saw Kung Fu Panda, Doctor Who (I am the only Doctor Who in this country, really) and a bunch of wrestling shows.

And there's some weird weather this year too. Don't remember it being this windy in the past but the last couple of weeks, the wind during the day was just plain crazy. I got doors slamming and windows opening by themselves.

So anyway, with most of the food centers closed for long holidays, it's time to cook my own dinner again. Not feeling very adventurous so stuck to an old recipe again.

A little different this time with adding the carrots instead of just potatoes. One big difference between baking and cooking is you don't need to follow the exact measurements once you are familiar with the cooking recipe. I mean for baking you usually gotta follow everything exactly.

This is like my third or forth time doing it so I just estimated all the stuff except for the oven temp. <^;^>

As you can see, for some reason the potatoes turned out a baked-like. They still had a little of that skin on them although I peeled them all.


ice said...

Masterfoods! Gotta love those herbs. hahaha I think the 1st chicken looks nicer!

Cavalock said...

well, i think this one tastes better, the skin's a little crisper cos after baking, i set it to grill for 10 minutes.