Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cavalock and Lunar Valentine Paradox

Happy Lunar New Year to everybody and Valentine's Day too!

This here's a Lunar New Year cake from The Patissier. It's actually pretty big and thick too. Packed with raisins and walnuts kinda like a Xmas fruit cake I guess, but without the booze.

Now what did I do on this special day? Planting myself on the sofa and making the most of the free cable channels. Hope your special day was as productive as mine. <^;^>

So the big news around here is the casino opening and for a spilt second, I actually thought of breaking my piggy bank and blow it all there. There's definitely more than S$100 in there. Hah, but no thanks. No way am I gonna pay to go see or do something that I can do for free elsewhere. That S$100 entrance fee for locals is something else. BTW, the cute little dog bank in that link is already on sale here, saw it in the shops last week.

Same reason why I didn't go see the Egyptian exhibition here. Hey anyone who knows me, knows I'm an ancient history (and WWII history) buff but hell, if I'm gonna pay to go see it when I already got to see it all for FREE in London.


Anonymous said...

Oh this is absolutely stunning, so was it just as delish as it looks?

red fir said...

Happy CNY! Not out to collect ang pows? (:

Cavalock said...

April: Was alright, a little too dry for me.

ice: heh, small family, no siblings. <^;^>

dilutedmagnetics said...

I like the cake, looks nice. Sorry to hear it was too dry.

Happy CNY!

Cavalock said...

Hi Pauline, GOng Xi Fa Cai to you too!