Saturday, February 06, 2010

Cavalock and The Calpis Reunion

Now I blogged bout my luv for this Japanese drink a couple of years ago and was lucky enough to find it on sale at Meidi-Ya on Friday nite. I mean, I seen it on the shelves all the time at Japanese supermarkets but on this rare occasion, it's on offer!

A small 300ml bottle only for S$1.25 while a big 1.5 litre bottle goes for almost S$10. You do the math.

Anyway, lots of stuff happening on the work front, so not much to blog. Gonna keep it short with just a bunch of random thoughts.

A bunch of amusing things happened over the past week. Met up with some folks from L.A. and had dinner with them. Now, I have met and worked with more than a few Americans and I noticed how most (not all) of them are really turned off by a mere fish head. Ordered a whole steamed fish like the kind you see at Chinese wedding dinners, usually a grouper. They took one look at the fish still with its head and said, "It's staring at me, I can't eat this thing." Same thing happened during a fish head curry meal a few years ago with another group of Americans. I just think it's just so damn funny that a simple fish head can turn someone off.

Speaking of fish, looks like one of our local member of parliament said it's OK to eat shark's fin cos "not all shark populations were endangered." Quote's from the papers.

Why can't people understand that when you need to take a loan to purchase something, that's the Big Guy's way of telling you that you can't afford it so don't get it! Buy a smaller apartment, take public transport and don't have kids if you can't afford them. If you take out loans or have kids and then complain about the rising cost of living, you only got yourself to blame.

Hot damn, I knew watching all them WWII documentaries on cable would come in handy at work.

And finally some pix from last Saturday's trip to the florist.


ice said...

I've got about 10 new pots of CNY flowers & plants at home. Talk about "hua chi".

Cavalock said...

wow, that's a lot. Only bought one pot, Jade plant.

Stargirl said...

$1.25 for a 300mL bottle? sounds like a good deal...will try it if i pass by meidi-ya next time. on a side note, have you tried this sports drink called pocari sweat? it's much better than other isotonic drinks!

Cavalock said...

stargirl: yah, think i tried it some time back. was alright.