Sunday, February 07, 2010

Cavalock and The Hokkaido Fair Redux

Now take a real good look at that bowl of ramen cos you ain't gonna see one in real life in Singapore anything soon. That's right, you are looking at the very last bowl of seafood miso ramen served during Isetan's Hokkaido Fair. They only served 50 bowls a day during the fair and that was the last bowl on the last day.

Worth every S$17 of it. Crab, giant scallops, roe, prawns and the all the other usual ramen stuff. And to top it off, I got a kick outta hearing them tell everyone who came after me that that was the last bowl. Yah, I'm a nasty little bastard when it comes to food. <^;^>

Stayed away from the beer garden this year. Tried some sake instead. Left with two big bottles that had quite a kick to them. Not too dry and had a little fruity taste to it.

The two bottles came with these little freebies. Almost broke out laughing when the promoter auntie said to me, "Don't drink from them, there are not cups! They are for toothpicks!" ...Er... yes, I know they were not sake cups. What they were exactly, I'll admit I couldn't tell at first glance but I was pretty sure I wasn't planning to sip sake outta them.

And that's why I just can't wait for the fair to return.


ice said...

I stayed away from the fair this time. Getting quite bored with the stuff there, all the same, even the aunties smelt the same.

Anonymous said...

hello there :) wow! I passed by the ramen station several times and never once thought of trying it but your picture with the crab and all makes it look so, so good! Lucky you I'm jealous right now :D

Cavalock said...

ice: know wat u mean, that's why this time i tried new stuff like the ramen n sake. Ok, the thing bout sniffing the aunties...i'm not even gonna try to touch that one. ;)

dotinabox: hi there! thanks for dropping by, u got some really great pix on yr blog! am pretty sure the ramen will be back at the next fair.