Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bought A Buff

Weather's been pretty cool lately. Not bad, good excuse to wear all those sweaters and loong sleeved shirts for once. Actually bought this. Thought it was neat, not cos the weather or anything. Well, my hair's pretty long now, not cutting it yet. Waiting till it's closer to Chinese New Year, that's late February. Saw it and just ... wanted it, I guess. I can now look like a pirate! Yar!

My life in the last few days has been all bout work and some WOW card playing (which I lost mostly but made some new friends so not much to talk/brag about there). Anyway, Niki did this great list. so I figured why not.

Ten Things About You
1: Am only child.
2: Carry a money clip but not a wallet
3: Hates tissue paper
4: Prays every nite before bed
5: Enjoys all kinds of game
6: Had my own newspaper comic strip years ago
7: Am told that I'm tone deaf
8: Fan of WWE wrestling
9: Wears glasses only at the movies
10: Will instinctively wake up at 7am no matter where I am or how late I slept

Nine Things You Love
1: Family
2: Japanese food
3: Internet
4: Writing
5: Fooling around (if you know what I mean)
6: Comic books
7: Long rides
8: Traveling
9: Constance

Eight Songs You Love
1: Born to run (Bruce Springsteen)
2: Those magic changes (Grease soundtrack)
3: Summer of 69 (Bryan Adams)
4: Johnnie b goode (Chuck Berry)
5: Miami (Will Smith)
6: Stayin Alive (Bee Gees)
7: Tonight is what it means to be young (Fire Inc.)
8: Burning Love (Elvis)

Seven Things You Wear Daily
1: Either one of two G-Shock watches
2: Boxers
3: Ring
4: Jeans
5: T-shirt
6: iPod nano
7: Smile

Six Things That Make You Smile
1: Winning a game
2: Reading a good book
3: Memories of fencing
4: Comfort food
5: Old photos
6: Comments left at my blog ;)

Five Things You're Looking Forward To
1: Tokyo
2: A drink
3: Weekends
4: Favourite websites' updates
5: Meeting my friends

Four Things You're Scared Of
1: Heights
2: Losing my $enses
3: Being alone in the world
4: Zombies (don't ask)

Three Things That Annoy You
1: Waiting for public transport
2: Telemarketing
3: Whimpy songs from the 70s

Two Of Your Favorite Books
1: The Dunwich Horror
2: The Hobbit

One Thing You Can't Live Without
1: Oxygen


Richard said...

The real thing we all want to knwo is: are you going to the Singapore Robotics Games this Tues-Thurs?

Anonymous said...

OMG! thank u thank u veery much cavachan!!!!
ur list looks sooo handsome and cool!!
i never thought of those things that make u smile;
game, good book, fencing(WOW), Comfort food... ^^
the music look sooo wonderful too!
Buff was interesting. thanks for the link!
ru coming to tokyo again?!
ROFL@ oxygen!!

Ally said...


good gawd not you!

Cavalock said...

richard: btwn work and WOW, i don't think so...

niki: i definitely hope to make it to Tokyo again this year but it's hard to say.

queen: its soap opera for men.

imp said...

okies, here's a comment to make u smile. ;P

you like elvis??? *blink* okay, i confess i secretly like Heartbreak Hotel.