Friday, November 17, 2006

Finally Meeting The Doctor

Am back from Hong Kong. Allow me to geek out a little first. Probably one of the most memorable things getting there was the inflight TV show on SQ. After almost 20 years, i finally got to watch a new sci-fi episode of Doctor Who. It's from the latest season, single episode called "The Lady in the Fireplace". Great story, brilliant twist ending. Always been a fan, remember reading a whole ton of Doctor Who paperbacks when I was a kid. Anyway, if anyone is flying SQ this month, be sure to catch it. Gawd, sounds like I'm working again.

And here's the view from me 4th floor hotel window in Tsim Sha Tsui. Man, you guys should see that United Colors neon sign light up every nite! Right smack in me face! I kid you not.

Anyway, coming back to Hong Kong after all years, I did noticed a few things that have or haven't changed.

1. There are no fat or overweight people in Hong Kong. Despite all the good food everywhere, it's hard to see anyone who's out of shape. Amazing but true. More on the good food in me next post.

2. There sure are a lot African touts at almost every street corner. Just like in Japan, there seems to be influx of them.

3. My Cantonese still sucks!


Ally said...

oh man. i kinda like hong kong, if only i spoke cantonese, shopping would rock!(even more)

Coffee Fairy v1 said...

hey welcome back Cavalock! I hope to go to Hong Kong sometime next year too. Did you go to Disneyland? :-)

Anonymous said...

everytime i'm in HK, i feel damn fat. and everytime i try to speak cantonese, the locals look at me strangely. darn.

eagerly waiting for your food posts!!!

Cavalock said...

queen: shopping always rocks!

Coffee fairy: Nope! Read too many negative reports bout the place. anyway, no time for that. heh

imp: est later! shopping first! haha

Richard said...

I am sure your Cantonese is better than mine.

It was a good explanation as to why the were so interested in Madame de Pompadour