Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Shopping Spree

Instead of the food pix (next post!), I thought I'll post some of I got in Hong Kong. Managed to grab some time off for some shopping, after finishing what I was supposed to be doing in Hong Kong. Since it wasn't the Sale season, I didn't do much heavy duty buying. Hit the Esprit factory outlet that's around the corner from my hotel. It's the kinda store where it's almost impossible to find any L outfits, every guy's outfit is either S or XXL.

Geek that I am, I finally found me Battlestar Galactica ship at Toys R Us at the Festival Walk mall. Happy, happy, joy, joy! Plus a'friendly version' of the new Doctor Who season one DVD in Mong Kok.

Speaking of Festival Walk, here's a pair of really comfortable shoes I got. Don't ask me how much they cost cos I don't wanna remind myself!

OK, now at the time when I saw these sirens, I thought it was a really cool idea to buy them!


Richard said...

I thought the first season of the new Doctor WHo series was very good (aside from the openner 'Rose' and the finale 'Parting of the Ways').

I managed to watch the whole second season off YouTube (the episodes have now been pulled). I can't say I enjoyed it as much. I though the stories got weaker and weaker the longer the season went on. Which is too bad because I thought the season openned well with 'New Earth'.

Hope you enjoy the first season.

ghee said...

so envious,i really wanna go to Hongkong for shopping,too,and im craving for the chinese food right now :)

cool shoes! :D

Cavalock said...

richard: entire season on youtube?

ghee: food's coming up! ha

Anonymous said...

COOL! i want these sneakers!!!
how much was it?? (oops sorry, im soo curious) ^o^

Richard said...

The entire second season of Dr Who was uploaded to Youtube and the guy (I presume it was a guy, maybe it was a girl) was in the process of uploading the entire first season when I guess somebody at BBC noticed and complained.