Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Weekend Home Alone

So what do you do when you are a guy living alone on a typical weekend? Well, you might want to start with an hour-long vacuuming workout followed by non-stop mopping like me, on a Friday nite right after work. It doesn’t help when the radio station removed their Friday nite retro party hit program and replaced it with sucky love songs. WTF? I need me loud, rock music when I’m mopping!! Mop = Mircophone stand, geddit?

A home alone weekend means walking around unshaven (for two whole days!) and being glad that it’s a rainy Saturday afternoon, cos you now have an excuse for staying indoors and playing World of Warcraft online. Awww come on, it’s not as bad as it sounds. I did leave the apartment to have dinner at me folks’ place on Saturday nite.

Sunday morning is laundry morning. Hang them high! And hang them dry! That’s what I say…er, metaphorically speaking of cos…hmmm, no, I don’t normally talk out loud to my laundry either…

Weekend home alone also means whipping u p a cool dessert like this, anytime of the day! Vanilla ice-cream with new mint choc Bailey’s.


Richard said...

Actually, that looks pretty tempting.

One way to get out of your apartment is to get involved in something that requires you to get out - preferably something you normally wouldn't do (like learn to dance the merengue). These sorts of things are wonderful mind expanders.

When I was younger, I tended to gravitate towards role players and tactical gamers, but they were boring - so I ended up diversifying.

Cavalock said...

Ah man, I miss RPGs….good times.

Actually I had a blast on me own. Maybe it didn’t sound like I did but I enjoy my own company. Doing the things I wanna do, anytime and anywhere. Well, I had the guys over for games last weekend and a couple of weekends ago too.

Hehe…I do get out of the apartment lots of times. Just wanted to write bout the lazy weekend that I lazed around the house.

B said...

What a great weekend. You were productive, relaxed, and enjoyed what looks like a very tasty dessert! I think those kind of weekends help us recharge in huge ways. Hope everything else is going well with you Cavalock.

Ally said...

sounds like a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

that icecream is new to me. looks super yummy ^^
good nite!!