Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sunday Breakfast For Two

So we got to 4 Rochester Park at 9.20am and realized that we were the restaurant’s first two breakfast diners. Our reservations were at 9.30am. We chose the outdoor table instead (I made indoor reservations just in case it rained) and placed our orders about 20 mins later.

Now I read some pretty mixed reviews about the place. Mostly it all came down to great food, good ambience but bad service. And I have to say from my Sunday experience, it’s kinda true.

We didn’t have to wait that long for our food but about half hour later, after we finished our meal, I noticed that most of the other patrons that showed up not long after we did, they were still waiting for their food.

It all just seemed like a very long wait to me. Although I must admit, the staff all looked very, very busy. It’s not like anyone was lazing around. Anyway, the omelet we ordered was supposed to come with mushrooms, bacon, sausage and potatoes as per our choices. They forgot the mushrooms.

Fortunately there was a generous serving of mushrooms in my Cast Iron Pan breakfast, so I passed some over.

Oh yah, we fed breakfast to a couple of mosquitoes too.


Richard said...

What is the point of a breakfast without mushrooms? Glad to hear you shared with your companion.

Looks good.

M. said...

i love mushrooms! would have requested for the missing ones :) anyway, how much per dish? i'm going this sunday hehe.

Cavalock said...

Richard: Yah, I love mushrooms. We used to deep-fry our own beer-buttered ones at home too.

Galinusa: the omelet was $16 or $18 and my cast iron pan was $20. The killer ones are the $8 cup of coffee (we had 3) and $10 fruit juice. You can imagine the bill! Do make reservations and be prepared for a long wait.

Anonymous said...

i don't like Graze. went there 3 times and all 3 times were screwed up. so don't think i'll go again. i can get the same food somewhere else.

B said...

I will jump on the mushroom love too! The missing mushrooms alone would have been highly disappointing for me. And $8 for each coffee?! I have no problem spending money on good food and beverages but I hope it was REALLY good at that price! :-)

Anonymous said...

ewww~ mosquito?! lololol
the photos look sooo delicious!!
and i loooove mushrooms too!
(but we dont eat it at breakfast)
maybe the chef was japanese and he thought that was weird..hehe
happy weekend, cavalock-chan!!! ^^