Saturday, September 16, 2006

Public Service Warning

A close friend of mine got the new Nokia 5500 Sport and believe me when I say it’s probably the worst phone we have ever seen and used.

Stay away from this phone at all costs! For starters, the rubberized keypad is almost impossible to use, keying in SMS has become a chore. The screen is small compared to most other phones out there. It’s supposed to be packed with features that count your heartbeat, play music, etc. as you work out BUT seeing how heavy this thing is, who would be dumb enough to lug it about while excising? There are better, smaller, lighter and cooler devices to carry with you while working out!

Now here comes the worst of it. The rubber seal at the base of the phone pretty much fell apart not long after he bought it. Now the connections at the base are exposed with the rubber thing flapping about. Poor material? Shoddy workmanship? His bad luck? I dunno. And it ain’t cheap either!

If there’s anyone out there reading this. Just warn all your family and friends to stay away from this piece of monkey crap. The Nokia 5500 Sport SUCKS! For the kind of price you are paying, there are better Nokia and non-Nokia phones to choose from.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanx for the warning...

Im glad theres no much Nokia here..

But it really suckcs huh?

Cavalock said...

yes, it's really quite bad.