Saturday, September 23, 2006

To A Crisp

I seem to have this strange habit of coming across bikes in various states of'despair' on me way to work recently. Man, do I live in a mean neighbourhood or what?

Thought I'll just toss in this other little more colourful or vibrant pix as a contrast to the one above. Well, I just thought it's a pretty neat shot.

Haven't been updating much actually, late nights at the office and all that. When I'm back home, I just wanna hit WOW or catch up on some reading. Good news is I haven't placed a single soccer bet since last entry? At least since me birthday, I think. Speaking of me birthday, am still trying to figure out how to convert videos for me PSP. Having some problems trying to watch them.


M. said...

that motorbike IS really sad!

anyway, blogger beta has really cool functions for customizing the blog so it overrides the teething pains! (primarily with saving your changes and the cumbersome double logging in to blogger and to gmail)

Coffee Fairy v1 said...

strange indeed, which part of Singapore do you live Cavalock? :)
and I also like the colorful stairs, I think I've seen them before, are they from the restaurants in a street near Bugis junction?

Cavalock said...

yup! its the street near Bugis.