Tuesday, September 12, 2006

We Need More Hookers!

After all the tight security crap and strong arm tactics the Government here is dishing out for IMF meeting and along comes this beautiful headline in the state-controlled press.

I love it! I can forgive the Government for all that brown shirt crap after reading this article. It states in no uncertain terms that “We need more hookers!” for the thousands of IMF delegates. Seriously. That’s the crystal clear message. Check out that quote "New recruits know what the escort industry is all about so they are aware of their duties."

It’s so serious, it’s freakin’ hilarious! It’s written in such a straight-faced, matter-of-fact manner, complete with interviews with escort agencies (aka pimps), their rates ($1,000 for an overnight) etc. If you lived here, you would know that this is not the kind of article you normally see in your daily papers.

Remember boys and girls, prostitution is LEGAL in sunny Singapore, it's only soliciting that's illegal.

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Anonymous said...

OMG!! wat a strange ad!!(*o*)
i wud love to see beautiful singaporeans too lollll