Monday, September 20, 2021

Cavalock and The Sushi Combo Celebration

It took us longer than we expected, three months to be exact but we finally made it to Sushi Masaaki for dinner last week. Reservations were first made to celebrate the Baker-at-Home's birthday there in June but the lockdown changed that into a double birthday celebration with yours truly in September. 

This was certainly well worth the wait. Now unlike places like Esora and IL Den, this is the kinda "real" sushi that I much prefer. All-round excellent fine-dining experience, our omakase dinner saw some of the freshest fish I have had since lockdown. Hah! The sake choices we were top-notch too. Sake pairing wasn't exactly on the menu but we requested for one and that was exceptionally good. Did we drank, ate and spent too much? Definitely. We kinda justified it with the fact that we didn't travel anywhere the last two years. And we already made our next dinner reservations at the end of the year.

Me 87-year-old Dad took these photos in Pasir Ris earlier this week. Fortunately the hawk stayed more or less still enough for him to snap over 1,000 shots of the bird and allowed me Dad to play around with the different camera settings. FYI that's a monitor lizard tail he or she is eating, not a snake. 

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