Monday, February 01, 2021

Cavalock and The Hornbill High-rise Habitat

Gosh, what a crazy busy last couple weeks. Caregiver duties and me waiting for me medical test results kinda left me with hardly anytime for posting stuff. Well, it's not like I had a lot to talk about anyway. Oh, I did managed to order a basket of chicken nuggets from Shake Shack. Alright, it ain't exactly nuggets, it's 'all-natural, antibiotic chicken breast' and it's called Chick'n Bites. Found them a bit dry compared to them nuggets although each piece is definitely more substantial or meaty than a regular nugget. So even though you are paying more at SGD$6.40 for a box of six, you are getting more and I guess, a sightly healthier option.

Speaking of birds, me Dad was showing me some pix of the hornbill nest he took couple days ago. I thought the nest was an old tree trunk lying on the ground until I saw that fuller pix of the trunk up in the air and part of a big, old tree. Hah!

Fortunately there were also other birds nearby besides the hornbills which made moving around easy for mr 87-year-old Dad.

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