Sunday, June 03, 2007

"Not as fresh as my knuckle sandwich, would you like one?"

Had Sunday brunch at the much talked-about Pierside Kitchen and Bar. I must say, it's as good as everyone said it would be. Better than the Sunday Brunch I had at Glaze. Ordered the Minute Steak and the French Toast with ice-cream and honey dessert. Pix ain't that clear, it doesn't do justice to it, sorry bout that. The steak was ok, but what made it really great was the red wine sauce that came after I already ate a quarter of it. Hah. It wasn't as crowded as I expected it to be, considering the things I heard about the place. Anyway, good food and good service. Will try the other items on the menu, maybe with more friends.

Now speaking of food, here's an incident I really gotta tell. Was having my comfort food dinner alone on Friday nite (after a hellish week ar work, even had to work on Vesak Day!) at a small but rather well-known Japanese place at a famous landmark hotel. I was seated at the bar eating my sashimi by myself when my big CCO (or is it CEO?) boss came in with his local wife. I don't mean to bitch but almost everyone in the office hates him, for reasons I won't go into here. And his wife asks really loud, "Is your fish fresh?"

WTF?!? You don't go to a top Japanese restaurant and ask if the fish is fresh! Man, if I were the sushi chef, I would have said, "Yes, but not as fresh as my knuckle sandwich, would you like one?"


B said...

Yeah, that has to be an insult to the chef. Ouch.

Anonymous said...

I see you are a regular now too :-)

Anyway, what the local wife said is an utter disgrace to the rest of us other local ladies. Grrr.

-the skinny epicurean

Anonymous said...

wooow i wanted to go there with u lol
his wife is really strange!!
i wud have said "yes it is still alive!!" hehehoho
have a lovely day!!

Cavalock said...

b: yah, tell me bout it.:)

mia: if u ever see a single guy at the counter, having sashimi and cha soba, that's me! heh

niki: "its alive" is a good one!