Thursday, March 01, 2018

Cavalock and The Call of the Crab Cake

Believe it or not, I just found the best crab cakes in town. Hah, it wasn't our first time having lunch at Mezza9 over at Hyatt Hotel but it was my first time trying out their crab cakes. Or crab cake singular to be precise. I could have sworn it was plural in the menu. Anyway, that single crab cake was absolutely great. Packed full of delicious crab meat. Although it's not a small appetiser I could still do with a much bigger piece.

Since the Baker-At-Home got the Hyatt card, we been having lunch at the Pete's Place, StraitsKitchen or Mezza9 now and then. All pretty decent places to dine and we kinda have moods for each of them.

Me 84-year-old Dad spent the better part of last week at Whampoa snapping bird pix. Not every morning was good. More than a thousand shots, and I thought these were some of the better ones. Pity that he couldn't get any good ones of the parrot in flight. Hey, our local Kinokuniya is having members' sale 2nd to 5th March and you can grab me Dad's photo book Taking Flight there. Gosh, has it been almost two years already!?!

One last scoop, I heard there's a new Marvel show in town. Gawd, I swear copy editing is a lost art.

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