Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Cavalock and The Sleety Sapporo Stopover

You don't travel all the way to Hokkaido and don't stuff yourself silly with some fresh uni. So we left the resort, took the train to Sapporo and checked into the JR Tower Hotel that's right on top of the train station. It's bright lights, big city time! Sapporo doesn't possess yet the crazy busy streets like Tokyo but you will find a pretty steady hectic stream of human traffic underground. Kinda like the underground malls of Osaka, seems like all the major malls are connected underground like as well.

One of the first stops for lunch was the popular uni or sea urchin speciality restaurant Hakodate Uni Murakami at Nissay Sapporo Building. I believe they got several outlets and this is their main branch.  It took us awhile to find it but it turned out to be a somewhat interesting way to explore a city that's almost wrapped in a blanket of ice. Anyway, the Baker-at-Home found the joint and fortunately it wasn't crowded at all even though it was lunchtime and it is in a pretty big office building. It is simply unreal how good the uni and ikura were.

Well, in case anyone was wondering, yah, the sun did shine during our trip, it wasn't all cloudy and gloomy.

My favourite shot from the countryside before leaving for the city lights of Sapporo. No other soul in sight, eerie calm in the air and those are pretty huge blood stains in the snow. First thing that crossed my mind was 'how cool would this be for a DnD adventure?'. <^:^>

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