Thursday, March 15, 2018

Cavalock and The Ice Capades Escapade

Hey, it's another Japanese Haagen-Dazs post and that can only mean one thing, we were back in Japan again! Hah, apparently eight months was too long to stay away from Japan for the Baker-at-Home so we packed our bags and despite the freakin' cold weather there, headed to sub-zero Hokkaido and cosy Tokyo.

It's me first trip to Hokkaido but not for the Baker-at-Home. And me and the cold, well, we don't get along that good. Never have and never will. Anyway, more on that in another post. Back to the ice-cream, much preferred the Strawberry White Chocolate than mochi red bean. Nice bold strawberry flavours in that little tub. Had some Haagen-Dazs mochi ice-cream too last year, still not exactly sold on them.

So the temperature in Hokkaido dropped to below zero degrees celsius everyday while we were there, ice everywhere and I mean ICE, not soft fluffy snow but bone-breaking rock hard ice! I believe I spent more time stopping myself from falling face first into the ice than enjoying the sights. But no real complaints. Away from the familiar hustle and body-crashing Tokyo crowds, this here rural and country living vacation was a welcome change.

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