Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Cavalock and The Onsen Breakfast Feast

What a glorious spread for breakfast! Woke up to a really amazing selection of fresh foods from Hokkaido back in the dining hall. Oh, and sleep was great too, probably thanks to climbing into bed early cos there's no TV in the room and it's too damn cold to stroll along the beach. Or maybe cos taking that little dip in the onsen earlier kinda relaxes ya and puts ya to sleep easier, know what I mean?

Just like dinner last night, when you are done with breakfast in the main dining hall, you get to mosey over to the lounge to enjoy some fruits and drinks. Same as last night, it was kinda cloudy that morning as well. Well, I could definitely get used to days like these so yah, a return visit to Noboribetsu in the summer would be nice. It'll be nice to be able to wander outdoors in just t-shirt and shorts without freezing your ass off.

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