Saturday, March 31, 2018

Cavalock and The Double Hokkaido Market Encounter

Nijo Market near Tanukikoji shopping arcade in Sapporo is the place to be! Actually, it's the only place I could be since the other places I wanna go were rendered inaccessible by the snow. Snacked on oysters and scallops, then washed that all down with some fresh hot Hokkaido milk. It was pretty cold and rainy that morning with just a handful of Asian tourists doing what they do best at the market. Think if the weather was better there would be throngs of them. One of the few times when I was somewhat grateful for sucky weather.

Well, it was finally time to leave Hokkaido and head to Tokyo. But Hokkaido's New Chitose Airport (below) still had some surprises for us. As we were on our way to Tokyo, we wandered round the domestic terminal and stepped right into a huge produce market! Seriously, how cool is that? A final chance to grab some fresh Hokkaido produce before leaving the city. Unfortunately we already checked in our luggage so we couldn't buy some of the stuff like cheese. Bought more dried stuff instead like tea and biscuits. Next time, if we are ever back here, I guess we'll know what to do first.

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