Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Cavalock and The Sapporo Top View Attraction

If the words are too small for ya, it says "Buns of Hokkaido Ezo deer meat". Hah, what's a better hotel breakfast treat than that? Awwww, there's even a cute little bear holding the banner up for ya. Well, the train ride earlier that week through Hokkaido did see some bloodied deers lying by the side of the train tracks, in the snow. They had this helpless dazed look as the train zoomed past them, their blood drizzled across the snowscape. Damn it! Did I just ruined my chances of being an blogger influencer again!?!

Anyway, the hotel breakfast buffet at JR Tower Hotel was absolutely satisfying and who could say 'no' to a big yummy bowl of all-you-can-eat ikura first thing in the morning? The view from the 35th floor buffet hall was equally spectacular. On a clear day, you can even see a couple of the ski resorts along the mountain range. I can imagine the view being even more amazing at night cos the place turns into a bar at night and all that.

So this happened mere minutes after we bought our train tickets. Yah, the Baker-at-Home got us our refund immediately. Another reason why snow and me don't exactly get along. Plus it's another reason to return in the summer and visit Otaru.

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