Monday, March 09, 2009

Cavalock Goes to Gotemba

When I was at Danny Choo’s blogging workshop last year, he said something bout making sure you capture your readers’ attention at the top upper part of your entry. So here’s one of the best things to come out of Gotemba.

Gotemba is a huge factory outlet village outside the city with lots of branded stuff for sale, with a great view of Mt Fuji. And that pix up there is one of McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts. Pretty much little sweet melted hot cinnamon buns. Had that as a dessert item while having McDees lunch at the factory outlet village. Another cool dessert that we’ll wonder why we can’t find (yet) on our local McDees menu.

Some more pix of Gotemba. Think this is my best Mt. Fuji shot yet. Guys can take pix while the gals shop?

Crocs right next to Jimmy Choo, looks like they got shoes for every budget! ;)

Spent half a day at Harajuku too (not the same day as Gotemba lah). Found this neat ramen shop, Kohmen, tucked away in a tiny side street corner, its not facing the main road, not that far from Harajuku station. Same row as Kiddyland. Was actually looking for this other ramen place at Harajuku. Anyway the hot ramen was terrific on a cold day and fatty pork side dish was divine. Better than most ramens I had here. They got a site too. Seems like they are pretty famous too. Here's an old review.


red fir said...

You're making me weep. I love sweet cinnamon buns! I don't think they're ever going to intro these cool stuff in McDs here.

Cavalock said...

wait till u see my other dessert pix!