Sunday, March 08, 2009

Cavalock and The Sweetest View

Now I figured for each post bout my trip, I'll mix it up with some food and non-food stuff.

It's not exactly the penthouse suite but I guess it came pretty close. I sure ain't complaining bout it. Mt Fuji view all the way from here in Shinjuku, a dehumidifier, my kinda toiletries and one of them foldout armchairs with the foot rest and all, that Joey and Chandler have in their apartment in Friends (forgot what its called).

OK, that's it. I think I have talked enough non-food stuff for now. <^;^> Didn't have much of a chance to eat out every nite so here are some stuff bought from the depachika, the basement food court area.
You don't get much fruits here like in Singapore so it's juices instead, although did find some native strawberries later in the week, very sweet too!
Dinner in the hotel room on other nites included some of these.

The one above is kinda bread/bun thing with caramel custard and the other one is mont blanc.

Now the macarons, they are everywhere. I think every depachika has at least a couple of shops/stalls selling them. Didn't have time to go to the one Isetan Shinjuku with the famous Pierre Hermes ones so decided to just try any one I could find. These weren't bad at all, nice and chewy. The six came in a nice box too, unlike this!

Next up, GOTEMBA!


dilutedmagnetics said...

I'm SO envying you Dude!!!! Grrrr!!!!!

Cavalock said...

Bring G and H there!! stay at keio plaza in the middle of shinjuku, they got a direct hotel bus to Disney too. i have more pix to tempt u all.

red fir said...

Grrr!! Macarons! Haagen Dazs! :/

Anonymous said...

i haven't spent much time in japan. i don't dare to go! i scared i won't want to come back!!!

Cavalock said...

ice: more drool worthy pix to come!

imp: u will when yr luggage is overweight like mine was. <^;^>